Nude & Print will be happening in 2 days! Come say hi!

Opening Night: 2 June 2009, Tuesday, 7.30pm
Free Admission


Pushing the boundaries of print media in this day and age. An exhibition initiated by a group of like-minded dreamers, in an attempt to expose tactility in art & design. Come explore this body of work on the bare essentials of print. Featuring varying forms of media from graphic design, illustration, photography to installation art.

Showcased by the following exhibitionists:

Adeline Yeo
Amanda Soon
Angelina Lourdes
Clara Yee
Clarence Valerius Wee
Dilys Lim
Faith Lim
Ferooze Tabrani
Jocelyn Fong
Joel Choong
Kevin Leong
Mark Cheong
Natashia Lee
Shanyu Chia
Shawn Paul Tan
Stacy Tan
Stephanie Peh
Wanqi Tan
Wenhao Lung


Heartfelt thanks to these awesome people:

2902 Gallery & Old School (Presenter & Supporter respectively)

For the people who’s never stopped believing, our friends, family & to those who has helped us in a way or another- you know who you are! :-)

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This is print!

We are a design collective of like-minded dreamers who want to do better good for this world.

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